Examples of My Work

I have over 10 years of experience in taxidermy and hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the U.S and Canada. Below are a few examples of my work. Even if you don't see an example of something that you are interested in, just ask and I can probably do it for you.

Deer Family

Deer Deer Deer Deer Deer Deer Deer Mule Deer Wildwood Taxidermy Shop Whitetail Deer Antler Mount Doe - Best of Category NEAT 2006 Caribou Moose Moose Fox Deer Deer Deer Deer


Black Bear


Deer Deer Coyote Fox Bobcat Bobcat Pedestal Mount Fischaecat Mink Mink Racoon Red Fox Coyote - Best of Category NEAT 2006 Boar Bobcat Coyote Fox Fox Skunk - NEAT 2006 Fisher Squirrels Coyote First Place NEAT 2008 Fox Coyote Snared Coyote - Second Place NEAT 2008